Puppetry Director

I was appointed Artist-Coach for puppetry on Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Toruk’ in 2017, and in this role was responsible for managing a team of puppeteers and for maintaining and developing the standard of puppetry in the show. Prior to this, I held the position of Puppetry Captain on the same show.


I have also worked collaboratively to develop and evolve puppetry work with leading family theatre company Stuff and Nonsense, and am a visiting lecturer in puppetry at the University of Chichester. 


"Helen Day was my Artist Coach for Puppetry for two and a half years on a world tour with the Cirque du Soleil production, “TORUK - The First Flight”. Helen is an excellent leader, who is capable of finding a balance between listening to and standing up for the concerns of her Puppetry Team and working within the reality of a large-scale touring production. 

She is a wonderful communicator; she always gave clear and fair feedback regarding how each of us could improve our performances, and she continuously proved to be a team player: within our Puppetry Team but also with the other Artist Coaches, our Stage Management Team, Props/ Carpentry/ Rigging/ Sound/ Costume Departments and our Artistic Directors. When decisions needed to be made on the fly during a show, Helen consistently reacted quickly and calmly. She’s a true professional and a brilliant coach. I would be delighted to work with Helen Day again."  Kristi Hughes, Puppeteer