Voiceover artist

I have been working in voiceover for over fifteen years, and my voice can be heard in radio commercials, video games, instructional and corporate videos, performing medical narration, and more. 

Much of my voiceover work is recorded from my home studio in West Hollywood. Please get in touch if you would like to know my studio specifications.


For all US / North America based voiceover work, please contact my agents at Vox


For all UK / Europe based voiceover work, please contact my agents at Carey Dodd Associates.


Having studied English Literature at the University of Sussex, before going on to have a career as an actress and performer, it is probably only natural that I have expanded to include narration as a strand of my work. However, before university, I have been telling stories as long as I can remember. Stories to my parents, stories to my classmates...I have always loved to engage a listener with words, emotion and timing.

My voice is grounded, sure, warm and crisp, with a direct yet musical tone which lends itself well to Young Adult, Non-fiction, Classic Fiction and Sci-fi.

Commercial VO Demo
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Animation Demo
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Interactive Demo
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First Person Fiction Narration
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Third Person Fiction Narration
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Non Fiction Audiobook Narration
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